Why a Laser Sight on your AR15 Tactical Rifle?

A laser sight is an excellent low light sighting tool for close quarters work. Although not usually recommended, a well placed laser dot can sometimes de-fuse a potential situation thru the intimidation of having the dot on the bad guys chest. A laser sight is also a great training tool to aid with trigger control at the target range.  Crimson Trace Laser Grip company offers a  laser pistol grip and Vertical Fore grip to enhance your AR15 rifle's sighting capability. There are many AR 15 accessories to choose from including the Aimshot green laser sight, the Crimson Trace Laser Grip and the Lasermax Uni-Max universal laser sight. AS well as the Insight Technology.


Super bright green laser sight for AR15 rifles with rail mount.


Crimson Trace AR 15 Accessories

Crimson Trace AR15 laser grips.


Uni-Max Super Bright Green Laser Sight from Lasermax will fit any Picatinny or weaver style rail.

Control the night

Trouble comes at night. Be ready. A Laser sight greatly assists aiming in low light and stress fire conditions. Shooting accuracy and speed are vastly improved.
  Insight TechnologyInsight Technology Inc (CVL) Carbine Visiable Laser sight for AR15 rifles.

Whether you are a Law Enforcement professional or a civilian protecting your home and family, equipping your firearm with a laser sighting device can provide you the extra confidence and technical advantage to succeed.Review all our Tactical AR15 Accessories.


last update 01-03-2014

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